The Dress Rehearsal

My OB/GYN was concerned enough about my ‘near accident’ mentioned in Here Comes Mama Bear she had me go straight from the Apple Store to Labor and Delivery at Virginia Hospital Center.  It was a little frightening hearing the certainty in the nurse’s voice when she said “yes, I am sure the doctor wants you to report to labor and delivery” and I wasted little time getting out of the Apple Store and over to the hospital.

So it was rather interesting as I lay there with an IV in my arm, contractions 4-8 minutes apart, and thinking to myself “this could be it”.  Quickly a list of things I had yet to complete went through my brain:

  • Knobs for dresser
  • Rocking chair for nursery
  • Sign paperwork from Cord Blood Registry
  • Pack hospital bag

and the list goes on.  I quite rationally looked at my OB and told her I was not psychologically prepared to have a baby that day nor was the nursery ready to receive its occupant. 

They decided to keep monitoring me while doing nothing to progress or halt the contractions.  Thankfully the contractions stopped around 2-3am and I was able to go home around lunch time the next day.

Meanwhile, Russ and I had a wonderful time exploring the hospital and getting a lay of the land so we will be perfectly comfortable when the “big day” does finally arrive.   We even found a great sandwich shop that delivers to the hospital to save us from having to dine on the bland fare from the hospital’s cafeteria. 🙂


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