The Story of a Yellow Jacket, an Ambulance Ride, and Uber

What a long, strange trip it was…

Here I am, catching a little cat nap in my favorite comfie chair when I was awoken from my dreamlike slumber by what felt like Tinkerbelle jabbing me with a mini fire poke in my tush!  I jumped up, still groggy but frantically searching for the source of my discomfort to find no Tinkerbelle in my living room.  After running to the mirror to inspect and see that I was in deed attacked by something, I went back to the living room with my glasses on and my senses in tack.  Imagine my surprise when I discover the source of my discomfort was not Tinkerbelle and her mini fire poker but rather an angry yellow jacket!

I was sitting stinging my bum… so how the heck did he get there anyway? The odds are just as likely that Tinkerbelle would be the culprit.

Being a self-respecting Southern girl, I have had more than my fair share of bee stings so initially I was annoyed more than anything.  That is, until I started to display signs of an allergic reaction.  (More odds… what are the odds of developing a dangerous allergic reaction to bee stings at middle age?)  I was petrified to sit back in a the same chair so I perched a first on the fireplace hearth, and then on a thoroughly inspected leather chair to monitor my symptoms.  I called the Nurse Line and they suggested I call my doctor.  Of course, my doctor does not return emergency pages between midnight and 8 o’clock in the morning.  So, when my tongue started to swell and my doctor’s office had yet to return my call, I knew it was time to go to the emergency room.

With spouse away on business and a heart rate through the roof I made the call to 911 and requested my very first ambulance ride with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department.  I must say, it was quite an experience and one for which I am eternally grateful.

Between the time I called 911 and EMS arrived on the scene, my tongue grew so large I could hardly speak.  Thankfully, I had an efficient team led by Lieutenant Mark run an IV, give me medicine, check my heart, pulse and other vitals all the while driving me across town to Virginia Hospital Center.  A side benefit to coming in an ambulance, you go right to a room and bypass the waiting room completely!

Once Lieutenant Mark briefed my awesome nurse Abbie, the team at VHC took over and saved the day.  The doctor checked me out, gave me lots of shots, prescriptions, an epi-pen, and after only 3.5 hours I was ready to head home.  Not a bad stay in an ER if you ask me.

Except… I came by ambulance.  So, with my hubby away and the rock star nanny keeping the little one company I downloaded the Uber ap and Ubered home!  He was waiting for me out front by the time they were done discharging me.  Who knew it could be so easy?  And aside from the fact the car was a “smoking permitted”, it was cleaner than any taxi I have ever been in and it cost 25% less!

What a night of firsts! You really cannot make this stuff up! If wordpress did hashtags, #StrangerThanFiction would be an appropriate one here!

PS.  When I told Jellybean what happened while she was sleeping, she was miffed that she did not get to go on an ambulance ride with me!  The joys of being young!


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