About Us

I am half of a 40-something, happily married couple, living and working in the Washington, DC metro area.  After years of trying we now have a gorgeous daughter and while there may be other children out there as loved, you will not find one more wanted or more loved than our “Jellybean”.

Come and read along as we make our way through this thing called parenthood, as we balance our demanding jobs with our home life and muddle through this thing called parenthood.  We may go months or even years it seems without posting but we will always be back!

Our Friends Who Blog

Gringa In El Salvador – Jen’s adventures as an expat in El Salvador

Our New Blue House – The Adventures of David, Allison, and Harrison

BrandalHouse.com – The life and times of Cindi and Hans

Walking the Miles – How Jacqueline went from fat to fabulous by developing an addiction for walking


One Response to About Us

  1. ditchlily says:

    good for you, doing parenthood over 40 – and I was interested to read about your cesarian experience, as I might have to have one myself… although I guess it’s hard to ever know, anything could happen. That’s not just pregnancy, I bet it goes for parenthood, too.

    good luck!

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