The Baby Registry!

August 2, 2009

As mentioned in Instant Friends the entire Baby Registry thing was an experience to be reported in and of itself. Honestly, we had not thought about doing a registry but after enough people chastised Maxine for not creating a registry, we grabbed our Baby Bargains book full of ratings and suggestions and headed off to Buy Buy Baby to start registering.

For those of you that have gone through the wedding registry process let me assure you, doing a baby registry is NOTHING like a wedding registry. The wedding registry is easy – pick your china, silver, and crystal patterns, toss in some pots and pans and other kitchen items, and maybe even add a few towels and voila! Your registry is done.

Not so for the baby registry, where considerations of functionality and safety tend to muck up what the easier (and more fun) fashion and taste decisions that drive bridal registries. Equally troubling, for first time parents, anyway, is that you have no idea what you need, want or even what’s available. So you start with boring old information gathering. First and foremost you need to be sure you have read about all of the options and products available to you so you know what you are looking for when you head into the store. Then you need to pick the right store- should it be Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, or one of the trendy places like Serena and Lily or Posh Tots all depends on what you are looking for and what your tolerance is for spending lots of money on things that will be used for between 3 and 23 months.

But once you have done your research on what you want and once you have settled on the store, the real fun begins! You can do your entire registry online but then you will deprive yourself of the joy and experience of actually seeing and touching the Bugaboo and UppaBaby you are comparing. Oh, and how else can you really determine the significance of the seemingly trivial weight difference between the Graco Snug Fit and the Peg Perego Viaggo. Being the hands-on shoppers we are, we headed off to BBB, armed with Baby Bargains and an order from Maxine’s mom to make sure we get lots of onesies.

We entered BBB full of excitement where an equally an eager customer service person immediately armed us with a laser zapper gun of sorts so we could zap the UPC codes on the items we deemed worthy of our registry. She then served up cold bottles of water to keep us hydrated for the long marathon zapping spree that she knew would follow. Yippee! Let’s go!

With our guide book in Russ’s hands and the zapper gun in Maxine’s we each set out on our missions. Russ’s being to interrogate each department head to make sure we were selecting the best and most cost effective stroller/breast pump/car seat/baby carrier/ (you get the picture) while Maxine was off following her mother’s advice and picking out as many onesies and dresses as she could find. It sounded easy…, but it was not. We thought it would be quick…, but it was not. We thought the choices would be obvious, but they were not…

What seemed like countless hours later…

Maxine and Russ are collapsed in the glider department, thoroughly exhausted, waiting for the swelling in Maxine’s hands and feet to go down, full of questions and uncertainties about so many products, too aware that many of the “Best Picks” in our guide book are not available in this store, and still having half the store still to be explored. And then a moment of genius came over us, finally. We gave up on finishing the effort and went for ice cream instead, living to shop another day.