The Nesting Sensation

August 26, 2009

This nesting thing is a rather odd sensation for me. I have always been able to go out and buy cool stuff but my attempts to stage said cool stuff to look like the pictures in the magazines have always been met with disaster – or at least that cluttered look. I have never been one to comb through fabrics, wander through stores looking for the perfect lamp, and most certainly not one to even consider custom painted pulls for a chest of drawers but something has come over me recently. This nursery project has been completely different for me.

The magnitude of the decisions I have had to make are unlike any I have made in the past and I have taken my job as decorator of the nursery very seriously! I confess that I probably drove people nuts asking fabric and fringe opinions! Ask any of my agents – before they could talk real estate they had to opine on the pros and cons of fringe versus cable and pink versus green. I have combed the Internet and local stores looking for exactly the right things, and yes I even had the drawer pulls made just for the nursery!

Project Coathanger“Project Coat Hanger” is probably the sub-project I am most excited about here! My favorite little children’s store, Nina’s Closet, is going out of business so I not only took the opportunity to cash in on some fabulous deals for Jellybean but also to grab as many of their white wooden hangers as possible to paint and decorate for the nursery. For those of you that know me, you know my craft projects have gone downhill since the days of Mrs. Gervais’ art classes and frequently end up heaped in a trashcan as tears of frustration stream down my face. Well, I am pleased to report I have broken my unlucky craft streak! The first set of coat hangers has been completed and I am now looking for polka dot appliqués for the second batch.

Finally, a craft project that turned out okay… save the patio table that still shows traces of the spray paint. 😮

We are still looking for a few hard to find “perfect” items which means the nursery is still a work in progress and what a fun work in progress it really is!

I am also pleasantly surprised to report that I am not the only nester in our home. Russ has also taken to the nesting concept and, in the last three months, has managed to knock five years of items off of his “honey do” list. At this moment he is actually out looking for new projects around the house. How cool! How bizarre!

For your viewing pleasure, and because I could not sleep, I uploaded a photo gallery of the nursery. It is a work in progress; most noticeably we are awaiting the window treatments from the seamstress, a/k/a Maxine’s mom, and a rocking chair. 😉

Obviously I need to get more sleep at night…