Day One…

April 29, 2016

WooHoo!  I made it through the first day on the Marie Osmond diet!  It was Marie that did NutriSystem, wasn’t it?  Well, whoever’s diet it is, I made it through the first day.


Feeling Great!

As I denied myself the office snacks and held true to the pre-packaged lunch (the tuna salad is awful by the way), I could feel my cells shrinking.  My clothes loosening.  By golly, I am doing this thing!

It was with great joy I jumped on the scale after my one full day… fully expecting to see at least two pounds ticked off on the scale, only to find out I went up one!

I have been told I need to drink more water and only weigh once a week.

I will give it until Sunday.


The box has arrived!

April 28, 2016

NutriSystem BoxAlright folks… the day has arrived.   Yesterday afternoon I found sitting on my front doorstep the tell tale Leaf announcing subtly that NutriSystem, my partner in weight loss, was moving ahead of schedule.  My box of pre-packaged, pre-portioned, pre-calorie counted foods has arrived a few days ahead of schedule!  Jellybean and I had lots of fun unpacking everything, rearranging the kitchen cabinets to make room for all of the boxes.

Tomorrow is the big day… my weigh-in and the kick-off for a month of NutriSystem.

Move Over Marie… I am on NutriSystem Now

April 26, 2016

The battle of weight loss after having a baby is tough.  Add in a full-time job and it is tougher still.  Toss on the fact baby came at 40 and it is tougher still.  Then add hypothyroidism into the mix and you really do have an uphill battle.  I have found that when I just do not eat I can lose a few pounds and in 2014 I knocked off 20 pounds but I had another 15 to go, gained five over the holidays, and you know the drill.

Overall I am rather healthy eater: mostly organic, not much sugar, medium carbs.  Cheese and corn chips are my Achilles tendons but I can even keep regulate those urges most of the time.  My biggest problem seems to be with planning my meals and bringing them to the office with me during the day and then dining reasonably at dinner.  I find I get so busy at work, I simply lose track of time and end up famished and then eating whatever bagel or bag of chips I can find left from an office meeting.  Not the best way to watch your weight.

I have long seen the ads with famous people losing mega weight with NutriSystem and Weight Watchers but had never given it much thought until one of my male co-workers took of 30 pounds in just over three months.  With the scale pushing it up another notch, I decided what the heck?!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I called them up, I ordered the food, I hope it isn’t terrible.  Rest assured, I will keep you posted on the progress!