Manic Monday

July 17, 2012

Do you remember that song from the 80’s? Manic Monday?  It goes something like this: It’s just another manic Monday… oooh ahhh… I wish it were Sunday… doo dah…’cause that’s my fun day…. Oooh ahhh… my I don’t have to run day…

Not that my Sunday was an “I don’t have to run day”, Jellybean’s dad took his Viper and went off to the track for a weekend of fun and excitement with the boys, while the girls stayed home for a Mommy-Daughter weekend, but compared to my Monday it was definitely a fun day!

My Monday morning:

Text from nanny – the battery is dead on the car she uses to transport JB from point A to point B.

Check weather – it is going to be a scorcher with temps in the upper 90’s, think to self, “thank goodness the car seat is back in my car and we will not have to manhandle that thing this morning”.

Text from hubby – he has the car seat that belongs in my car in his car (read: must move car seats)

Text from my AA – she is sick and not coming in today. (When did people start texting in sick? There is no creativity to that, mastering the art of calling in sick is a rite of passage we all must go through!)

Check watch, it is 7:15am.  Time to get out of bed!

Hop into the shower, singing “Today is my favorite day” a great little jingle to get your head in the right place. Have you heard it? It goes like this:

“Today is my favorite day, God made it in a special way, I like tomorrow and yesterday, but today is my favorite day”. Jellybean likes to then run through all the days of the week, ending with the current day and yell “YAY!” and repeat “Today is my favorite day, God made it in a special way, I love tomorrow and yesterday, but today is my favorite day.” It is a perfect little song to put a smile on your face and also adjust your attitude when it is not exactly one of gratitude. And believe me, yesterday morning I needed to work on my attitude of gratitude!

As I hop out of the shower I hear a loud, urgent “MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!” I grab my towel and wrap it around me as I am running across the landing with visions of Jellybean wounded in her room and just at that moment…

The nanny opens the front door for our little friend and her father. Yep. Me half-wrapped in my towel. If he looked up and saw me I am super, duper grateful that he looked back down and did not acknowledge me up there!

Upon reaching my darling child I am relieved she is not lying pinned under her dresser or in some other deadly situation but has made quite a mess of herself and her panties. It seems when she and Daddy went to bed the night before he assumed she was in a Pull-up since she was already in a nightgown. It was not a pretty sight! With the sound of “Manic Monday”, which is starting to reverberate in my brain, drowning out “Today is my favorite day” I get Jellybean out of the messy panties and nightgown and into clean clothes so she can head down for breakfast with Nanny and friend. Thank God for Nanny!

Humming “Today is my favorite day”, I head back to my room, into a bathrobe, and get dressed for work. I put on a sharp pair of black slacks, black silk shell, and seersucker blazer (I am interviewing a potential recruit this afternoon), and finally head downstairs to start the day. It is 8:10am.

At 8:15am the battle of the car seats is in full force! One of the great things about car seats is the fact their straps do not move when pulled. One of the drawbacks is that they do not move when pulled! I look up at JB’s friend and ask if they have crazy mornings at her house too… her reply: “Nope”. What I would not give to be a perfect mother! Just as Manic Monday starts to come back in my brain it is time for everyone to sing, “today is my favorite day, God made it in a special way. I like tomorrow and yesterday but today is my favorite day!”

Everyone is in my car now and off to camp they go!

Off to the nanny car I go to see what is up. Dead, totally dead. Color me nuts but it seems mighty odd that the day after the car comes back from Pohanka’s body shop it breaks. Oh well, thankfully we have more cars in our driveway than we have chairs at the kitchen table.

I head over to my little Mazda car to head to work only to find the windows were left down the previous night when my husband moved it from the garage to the driveway. It rained during the night. Maybe I’ll drive the Viper? Nah. Run inside, grab a towel to dry off the interior and sit on for the drive to work. The time is 8:35am.

I kid you not, that was my Monday morning. Oh, and a little cherry for the top. Remember those sharp black pants I mentioned earlier? I had a devil of a time getting all of the towel fuzz off of them! Thankfully though, I keep a lint roller in my desk at the office!

Today is my favorite day.  God made it in a special way.  I like tomorrow and yesterday but today’s my favorite day.  This is especially true since I am writing this on yesterday’s tomorrow!


The Blog – Family Style

April 5, 2010

Between all the time dedicated to Mommy’s career and motherhood duties, not much time has remained for little old me and this poor blog has suffered as a result. Daddy, knowing how Mommy hates to have project go stale, has volunteered his unsolicited time to help resurrect this poor blog in the name of “helping Mommy out.” He can’t breastfeed, but he can type! Now Daddy’s not nearly as witty as Mommy, Daddy warns, so a return to this blog’s former glory is out of the question, but Daddy could still breathe a little life back into it again, no matter how fragile or twisted that life. The blog is back… or as Daddy would say: “It is ALIVEEEEE!”

This Blog Has Not Been Abandoned – Part 2

March 3, 2010

Yes, I know it looks that way but what can I say? This parenting thing is really time consuming. We keep hoping some kind souls will start stuffing money in our mailbox so we can stay home and dote on our darling daughter and provide witty comentary for your reading pleasure but as of yet we both have to work full-time jobs. Rat fink! Darling husband’s job has been very demanding lately and thanks to an admin gone renegade while I was on maternity leave my job has been triple nuts!

So, between work and parenting and the diminished cognitive capacity that comes with late night feedings our poor little blog has been neglected. We do promise to do better if you will please promise to keep visiting. 🙂

No this blog has not been abandoned

December 19, 2009

Such a smarty pants

Yes, well this blog may seem a little slow to update and the photo of the day project was a bit ambitious… who knew? Back to work, new office, staffing delights, nursing, diapers, filling a real estate class, sleepless nights, and any free moment is spent mesmerized by this little person God has entrusted to our safekeeping. So the photo of the day was a bit much for Mommy to keep up with (Daddy knew it was doomed from the start) and the creative juices involved in creating witty posts seem to have gone the way of the fresh juice I used to enjoy each morning but we are hanging in there and giving this the old college try.

Going back to work was so much more intense than I expected it to be. I was only gone for six weeks but so much happened in that period of time… getting caught up and back into the swing of things has been intense. I find I work smarter than I did before the baby. Has anyone noticed that? I cut to the chase quicker, am more focused on the task, and seem to be getting a bit more done. Then again, it could all be a dream!

We took this cute photos one Saturday morning when JB was almost 11 weeks old. I hope you like them. 🙂

There is a typo in my email

October 7, 2009

Once upon a time I would wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, head downstairs to let the dogs out, put on the kettle, slice some fruit, make a fresh juice or smoothie, have a cup of tea made from fresh mint, and spend some quality time meditating with my emails and reading the news on the web. Three or four days a week I would insert a lovely hour on my elliptical trainer in between the teeth brushing and putting on the kettle if I felt so inclined. 😉 Once I had satisfied my need for solitary “me time,” I would enjoy a long shower and prepare for the busy day ahead. The toughest decision I had to make within two hours of awakening was whether my morning juice would be frozen or on the rocks.

Looking back on it now it seems like a fantasy… was it really only five weeks ago? I swear it seems even more distant than those college days when the biggest concern was how to talk myself into an extension on a term paper! Now I find myself nursing long before I even have a chance to get out of bed, must less make it all the way to the bathroom for the two minutes needed to brush my teeth! Then I dash downstairs to let the dogs out if Russ has not already let the poor pooches out. Tea? HA! Who has time to put on a kettle? And what was this time consuming jabber about making fresh fruit juice? Did I really do that stuff with a juicer? Certainly I must have been referring to the jug of Tropicana “fresh from the grove” or whatever in the refrigerator because time is to precious to spend 30 minutes slicing and extracting juice from a honeydew…forget about how long it takes to clean the machine!

And what about that email and news time? That is now something I do with my iPhone while JB is nursing. For the record, it is VERY hard to type with one finger, hold a baby, and concentrate on both tasks. So, if you are concerned about the typos and short phrases in lieu of sentences in my emails these days before you complain think about the other ten emails that went without a reply!

And on that note, someone is crying – ahem, calling for me again. Off I go.