When a Shiny Penny Trumps a Dollar

September 14, 2015

My little Mini Me just tickles me so much sometimes! She recently celebrated her sixth birthday and two separate people sent her birthday cards with $6 in them. She was confused at first, as she still thinks shiny coins are far preferable to boring old bills. After her father and I explained the value of a dollar and that received one pennydollar for each birthday she had celebrated she thought this was pretty neat.

Fast forward to this week… she is signing birthday cards for two of her younger cousins and dashes off and comes back with a penny for each card. When I asked what the penny was for, she said “since I do not know how many dollars old they are I want to give them a pretty, shiny penny instead”. 🙂

I love the way her mind works! So cousins, if you are reading this now you know why there is a penny in your child’s birthday card.


Happy 3rd Birthday Jellybean!

August 31, 2012

It is hard to believe it but my little Jellybean is now three years old and speaking in complete sentences!

Here she is at her first of three birthday parties!

Jellybean Turns Three!

Jellybean adjusting her birthday hat with her grandmother.